Andrew Cram

Certificate IV in Telecommunications (Call Centers),

TAFE NSW - Graduate Certificate in Management Communication, Diploma of Call Center Management, Certificate IV in Telecommunications (Call Centers)

About the program:

The Certificate IV in Telecommunications (Call Centers) provides specific training for persons supervisor or trainer level positions in a call center environment.

About the TAFE NSW:

'TAFE' stands for Technical And Further Education. TAFE New South Wales is Australia's largest educational institution (and among the largest in the world). TAFE NSW delivers flexible study programs and services to meet the needs of students, industry and the community. TAFE NSW Institutes offer more than 1200 courses at over 130 strategically placed locations across the state of New South Wales. TAFE NSW works closely with employers to give you the skills that make you productive and competitive.

Subjects Completed:

  • 7365G Occupational Health & Safety
  • 7365L Telephone Operations
  • 8895A Personal Work Priorities
  • 8896B Leadership in the Workplace
  • 8896D Lead or Facilitate Work Teams
  • 8896E Manage Operations to Achieve Planned Outcomes
  • 8896F Manage Workplace Information
  • 8896G Manage Customer Service
  • 8896J Systems and Processes
  • 8896K Change and Innovation
  • 8896L Workplace Learning Environment
  • 9473A Enterprise Systems 1
  • 9474D Produce Faults
  • 9475H Defend Enterprise
  • 9695A Call Center Basic Computing
  • 9695B Call Center Equipment and Performance
  • 9695C Call Center Skills
  • 9696A Customer Relations

Note: As this is an Australian qualification the title is rendered "Certificate IV in Telecommunications (Call Centres)" on all formal documentation.

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