Andrew Cram

Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology & Classics),
The Australian National University & Macquarie University

Accreditation and Acceptance:

All qualifications issued by Australian Universities are accepted and recognized with equal standing throughout the world including the USA and UK.

About The Australian National University:

The Australian National University is unique among its contemporaries as the only Australian university established by an Act of Federal Parliament, in 1946. It is also one of Australia’s most research-intensive universities, with a high ratio of academic staff to students.

The University campus has over 200 buildings and occupies 145 hectares adjacent to the city center of Canberra.

A recent independent quality review of the University found it ranked among the world’s best research universities, with 77 per cent of external assessors ranking ANU as one of the top 50 universities in their field in the world — including 44 per cent who rated ANU in the world’s top 25 universities.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of Higher Education’s Academic Ranking of World Universities has ranked ANU ahead of every other university in the Southern Hemisphere two years in a row.

The University has 13,487 students, representing 94 countries and around 3,600 staff.

About Macquarie University:

Macquarie University is a modern, sophisticated institution that prides itself on innovative programs, outstanding academic achievement and high quality research. Its enrolment of more than 29,000 students includes 7,000 on-shore international students.

About the program:

The Bachelor of Arts is a humanities based program allowing students to tailor study based on specific interests.

The program in Archaeology provides students with an understanding of all periods of the human past and an insight into the application of archaeological techniques, especially those of excavation and the analysis of material evidence. Archaeology is the study of human life as revealed by the material debris of human activities. Many archaeological investigations focus on the exploration of human societies in the past, accomplished by the application of a variety of scientific techniques. Studying archaeology therefore can form an interesting 'bridge' for many students across the divide between the 'two cultures' of science and the humanities. Courses in the Archaeology major are designed to give students a secure grounding in archaeological theory, methods and techniques as well as in studies of particular regions of the world. There are several courses that involve practical and field components. In these courses students learn techniques of site recording, description and mapping, and the analysis of bones, plants and artefacts from archaeological sites.

“Classics” is the term used to describe the study of the languages, history, literature, art and society of the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome. Modern civilisation still has its roots deep in the world of the Greeks and the Romans, who bequeathed to us ideas in literature, art, science, philosophy and law that continue to be of the greatest importance today. The influence of Greek and Latin on such languages as English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Modern Greek is profound. Christianity came into the world through the framework of the immense Roman Empire, which stretched from Spain to Syria and from Britain to North Africa.

Subjects Completed (ANU):

  • ANCH1001 Ancient History I
  • ANCH2001 Ancient History 2/3A
  • ANTH2011 The Primates
  • ARTH2015 The Byzantine Empire
  • BIOL1002 Biology A02 (Humans and Vertebrates)
  • BIOL1003 Biology A03 (Evolution, Ecology and Heredity)
  • BIOL1004 Biology A04 (Cellular and Molecular Biology)
  • BIOL2052 Biology B52 (Principles of Genetics)
  • BIOL2061 Biology B61 (Introductory Molecular Biology)
  • BIOL2078 Biology C78 (Plant Molecular Biology)
  • CHEM1022 Chemistry A12 (Chemistry for Natural Resource Managers)
  • GER1001 Beginning German I
  • PRAN2015 Race and Human Genetic Variation
  • PRAN2040 Introduction to the Study of Material Culture
  • PREH1111 Prehistory 1A (Introduction to Archaeology)
  • PREH1112 Prehistory 1B (Introduction to World Prehistory)
  • PREH2001 Origins of Old World Civilisation
  • STAT1003 Statistical Techniques 1

Subjects Completed (Macquarie):

  • AHST261 Egyptian Culture and Society
  • AHST270 Women in the Ancient World
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